The case of the mysterious Missing bridge! A bridge goes missing and only Emma and Maggie can find it! Part one of the two part story.

The Pirate Spiders of Lars! Will Emma and Maggie get home or will they meet their match in the Spiders of Lars? Part Two.






Bridge Robots in Space!

Do you like robots, space and bridges! Bridge Robots in Space introduces children to the engineering world of bridges, through an exciting space adventure! Great for STEM programs for preschoolers. Written and illustrated by a real bridge engineer!
















The Curse of the Golden Bridge!

Emma and Maggie, two amazing robots, must find the secrets behind the Golden Bridge and protect it from being destroyed by an ancient race. Over 80 pages of exciting images, developed in stunning 3D, that showcases an amazing adventure story with a side of bridges! Robot whales, squids and dogs, oh my!

Part of the Bridge Building Robots series that uses imaginative images and stories to introduce children to the wonders of science and engineering. This volume includes bridge building projects for kids to try, which help them learn why we need bridges. A great book for all future engineers!




The Bridge the Barge and the Croc

The Barge, the Croc and the Bridge!

In this third book, about Bridge Building Robots, Kori and Emma are separated by a terrible accident and have to use their wits and bridge building skills, to save the day!

Written by Stuart Nielsen, a professional bridge engineer, and rendered in photo-realistic detail, this adventure is meant to entertain and enlighten children about bridges and the need for family. Over 60 amazing images with a strong STEM emphasis.




No bridge no fair bridge building robots

No Bridge No Fair!

This is book two in the Bridge Building Robots series. Did you know there are over 600,000 bridges in the United States! No Bridge! No Fair! shows kids why bridges are needed and how they are built using an entertaining storyline. Even parents will learn something new! This book is appropriate for a STEM program. (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. )

This is the Second children's book from bridge engineer Stuart Nielsen and he hopes you enjoy it! Also check out Mr. Nielsen's first book in the series "NieKo - The Bridge Building Robot".




NieKo bridge building robot

NieKo - The Bridge Building Robot

NieKo is a bridge building robot, who will show you how to build a bridge! Ever wonder what the parts of a bridge are called? Did you know there are over 600,000 bridges in the United States! NieKo shows kids how a a bridge is built using fun, colorful images. Even parents will learn something new.
This book is appropriate for a STEM program. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

This is the first children's book from bridge engineer Stuart Nielsen and he hopes you enjoy it!




Emma's Adventure

A free ebook showing the importance of a forever family!


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My son loves this book. I asked him what he likes best about it and he said "all of it". He likes all the bridge building robot books that Stuart has written, but this may be his favorite. I enjoy reading these books to him too. All the various robots in the book are very creative and the pictures of them are great. Plus, you can learn more about how bridges are built while enjoying the story!

Engineer Stuart delivers another page-turner in this bridge-building series. Young readers learn about different bridge types and how they work while having a blast seeing what will happen next. The full page pictures, made by 3D modeling and rendering, are over-the-top and really provide the amazing experience that is this book.

Kids really like the pictures, and it makes them ask questions about how things are built.